Feature Farm v1 🌱

The Future of User Participation 🐚

With DeFi & DAOs the Ethereum space is exploring new designs of decentralized organizations. Unfortunately, current solutions suffer from low participation rates, binary β€œyes or no” decision making, or top-down proposal creation. Builders and new ideas are popping up but are missing a platform to collaborate.

Habitat wants to offer this platform by connecting common community needs with builders.

Introducing Feature Farming 🌱. Instead of staking tokens to farm yield or vote on proposals, you can stake HBT on your favorite categories and features that you want to have built or integrated on the Habitat Optimistic Rollup. These can be governance solutions, needed communication features or a new category altogether. By expanding Habitat with new tools - the rollup grows and HBT gains in value.

New Features for Users and Communities 🎨

The process will be simple, users and communities can submit features. These can be upvoted and prioritized. Once a threshold is reached - most voted and therefore highly anticipated features are then built and added to the feature library. Feature Farms 🌱 are a bottom-up participation tool itself. Like every other feature, they can be implemented by communities on Habitat.

Organisations need to invest time and money to build their own features and governance solutions. With the Feature Farm Habitat wants to unite efforts and identify common needs.

Next to features users can upvote or submit issues or bugs that need fixing ASAP.

For Builders and Creators πŸŒ‹

The Habitat team is not the only creator building these features. They can be built by external builders. Taking on high-priority proposals to gain funding. Habitat invites everyone to contribute and to grow the adoption. To incentivize long-term commitment builders gain a continuous return on highly used and maintained features.

Crypto and DeFi offer the spirit and ideas to host such a movement of user & builder synergies. Monetization in a bottom-up way.

Feature Farm Economy


Feature Farms in Habitat v1.5 In v1.0 HBT holders can propose and vote on new features and the Habitat genesis team will build the highest requested.

Feature farms are a win-win for all. In order to build a sophisticated toolkit on a rollup with many different features - the people and communities need to be asked what to prioritize first.

By stocking up the feature library, communities can decide what to implement or to experiment with. Communities can easily trade HBT for features. Every new adoption and usage of features will issue a return to the funders and builders. Therefore HBT owners have an increased interest to fund features that are strongly needed.

Potential Features ✨

To support DAO and DeFi collaboration, Habitat offers and encourages the bootstrapping of a crowdfunded Feature Library on the Multi-App Optimistic Rollup.

There can be many feature sets that will benefit from scalable infrastructure inside communities:


  • Chat
  • Forum
  • Discussions / Comments

Voting Tools

  • Signaling-Polls
  • Ranked-Choice Voting
  • Quadratic Voting
  • Conviction Voting


  • Reputation
  • Liquid Delegation
  • Token Curated Registry
  • Identity Solution

Fund Management

  • Multisig
  • Vesting / Locking
  • Payment Streams

Incentive Mechanisms

  • Farming Contracts
  • Anonymity Mining
  • Liquidity Mining